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Who's at the head of the class?



Recognition from HOSA

Richard McKenna Charter HIgh School

246 PTS


Fountain-Fort Carson High School HOSA
240 PTS

Mount Airy Middle School HOSA

228 PTS

Olathe North HOSA

225 PTS


Mountain Home High School HOSA
220 PTS


Ladue Horton Watkins High School
216 PTS

Eureka High School

200 PTS


Kimberly HS HOSA

195 PTS


Komachin MS
195 PTS

Valley View High  School

180 PTS

New Castle Career Center
168 PTS



165 PTS


165 PTS

Cyber Academy of SC

160 PTS


Kahuku High School HOSA

150 PTS



140 PTS

Pine View High School

140 PTS



140 PTS


RC3 at Hoover City Schools

135 PTS


Barton Community College
130 PTS

Fayette County High School

125 PTS

Dinuba HOSA

120 PTS

McCracken County High School HOSA

115 PTS

Central HS HOSA

112 PTS


Fort Dorchester High School

105 PTS

Brazoswood High School

100 PTS

College Station High School 2080

100 PTS


Elmore County Technical Center
100 PTS

Lake Minneola HS HOSA Hawks
100 PTS


Piedmont High School HOSA

100 PTS

West-MEC Southwest

100 PTS

West-MEC SWC Flemingo's Veterinary 
Science CH 39027

100 PTS



Merch item for every chapter member

Harmony School of Excellence-Laredo 7089

490 PTS

TRHS 69002

440 PTS

Estes Park High School  

425 PTS

Celebration High School

410 PTS


410 PTS

Afton HOSA

407 PTS

Woodford Co. High School

355 PTS

Rivercrest High School 22-23

346 PTS

Thomasville High School HOSA

340 PTS

Auburndale School District

309 PTS

Liberty HOSA
309 PTS

Laguna Creek High School
303 PTS

Adair County HOSA Kentucky

300 PTS

Riverside HOSA

300 PTS

White Knoll HOSA

300 PTS

Columbia Area Career Center

298 PTS

Pearl City HS HOSA
290 PTS

Timerland High School

282 PTS

University of Utah

280 PTS

Hamilton High School
275 PTS


College of Southern Idaho
273 PTS

Bingham High School
250 PTS

Chelsea High School
250 PTS


Northwood High School
250 PTS

Wofford College
250 PTS



Recognition for chapter members

Troy Buchanan HS HOSA
728 PTS


Tulsa Tech/Union High School
726 PTS

Pinkerton HOSA

696 PTS

Warrensburg High School
690 PTS

Gulf Shores High School

605 PTS

Chino Valley HOSA

560 PTS

Agoura High School

505 PTS

Center for Public Health & Advanced Med.

500 PTS

Rector High School

500 PTS



Lapel Pins for each chapter member

Dickson County  High School 

7,500 PTS

Summit Academy High School 

4,390 PTS


Adlai E. Stevenson High School
3,623 PTS


Oakmont HS
3,220 PTS

Boone Career Center HOSA  2,803 PTS


Marquette High School HOSA

2,675 PTS


Ronald Reagan High School 1042

2,670 PTS

Madera South High School HOSA    

2,279 PTS


Wentzville Holt

2,174 PTS


Cypress Bay High School
2,165 PTS

Aiken Career Center
2,135 PTS

Whitinsville Christian HOSA

1,690 PTS

Harmony Science Academy Carrollton 5141
1,590 PTS

HOSA Chapter Shawnee 50754 

1,550 PTS

Pacifica High School 

1,479 PTS


Dorchester County Career and Technology Center
1,373 PTS


The Woodlands College Park HS 6995
1,335 PTS

Reynolds HOSA
1,306 PTS

STC Chapter 18261

1,080 PTS

Concordia Luthern HS
1,069 PTS


Meridian Medical Arts Charter HS
1,050 PTS

Prairie View HS
1,050 PTS


940 PTS

Kickapoo HOSA
850 PTS

University of Texas at Austin 1115  

808 PTS

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