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Who's at the head of the class?



Recognition from HOSA

Ladue Horton Watkins High School, MO

246 PTS

Fountain-Fort Carson High School HOSA, CO
240 PTS

Coppers Cove High School 5208, TX

237 PTS

Mountain Crest High School, UT

230 PTS

Mount Airy Middle School HOSA, NC

228 PTS

Olathe North HOSA, KS

225 PTS


Pathways School of Discovery, OH
225 PTS

Minot Public Schools, ND
220 PTS


Mountain Home High School HOSA, AR
220 PTS

Pelham HOSA, AL

215 PTS

Coldspring-Oakhurst HOSA, TX
200 PTS


Eureka High School, MO

200 PTS


195 PTS

Kimberly HS HOSA, WI

195 PTS


River Bluff High School, SC

190 PTS

Canadian Valley Tech Center, OK

189 PTS

Kalamazoo HOSA, MI

180 PTS

Valley View High  School, AR

180 PTS

Lincoln Southwest High School, NE

177 PTS


Battle High School, MO

175 PTS

Dinuba HOSA, CA

175 PTS

Oakville High School, MO

175 PTS

New Castle Career Center, IN
168 PTS

Cyber Academy of SC, SC

160 PTS



160 PTS

Vistas High School 6206, TX

155 PTS

Woodlands Middle School, FL

153 PTS

Early College and Career Center, KY

150 PTS

Harrison HOSA,  OH

150 PTS


Kahuku High School HOSA, HI

150 PTS


Pine View High School, UT

140 PTS



140 PTS

RC3 at Hoover City Schools, AL

135 PTS


Barton Community College, KS
130 PTS

Fayette County High School, AL

125 PTS

Wayzata High School, MN

123 PTS

Dolittles, AZ

120 PTS

Marion C Moore School HOSA, KY

120 PTS


Southwest High School, CA

120 PTS

West-MEC NE Medical Assisting Michaels, AZ

120 PTS

Westview HOSA, TN

120 PTS

Mason County High School, KY

115 PTS

McCracken County High School HOSA, KY

115 PTS

Fort Dorchester High School, SC

110 PTS

West High School, UT

110 PTS

North Forsyth Health Science Magnet High, NC

109 PTS

Murray HOSA, IA

105 PTS

Vanguard High School, FL

105 PTS

Brazoswood High School, TX

100 PTS

College Station High School 2080, TX

100 PTS


Colorado Early Colleges Parker, CO

100 PTS

Douglas High School Biomedical, AZ

100 PTS


Hazen High School, WA

100 PTS

Lake Minneola HS, FL
100 PTS


Lower Richland HOSA, SC

100 PTS

Piedmont High School HOSA, AL

100 PTS

Summerville High School, SC

100 PTS


Wayne County, KY

100 PTS

West-MEC Southwest, AZ

100 PTS

West-MEC SWC Flemingo's Veterinary 
Science CH 39027, AZ

100 PTS



Merch item for every chapter member

Harmony School of Excellence-Laredo 7089, TX

490 PTS


Woodford Co. High School, KY

490 PTS

Foothill Technology High School, CA
479 PTS

Mountain House High School, CA

450 PTS

TRHS 69002, OH

440 PTS

Estes Park High School, CA  

425 PTS

Red Oak High School, TX

425 PTS


412 PTS

Celebration High School, FL

410 PTS

Afton HOSA, MO

407 PTS

Northwood High School, NC
400 PTS

Baylor College of Medicine Biotech Academy at Rusk HOSA, TX

390 PTS


Great Plains Technology Center, OK

390 PTS

Laguna Creek High School, CA

386 PTS


Hamilton High School, AZ

375 PTS

Rivercrest High School 22-23, TX

346 PTS

Thomasville High School HOSA, GA

340 PTS

University of Nevada Reno, NV

330 PTS

Mount Airy High School HOSA, NC

325 PTS

Stewarts Creek High School, TN

320 PTS

Walnut HOSA, CA

320 PTS

Greenbrier East HOSA, WV

317 PTS

Atkins HOSA, NC

315 PTS

Auburndale School District, WI

309 PTS

Adair County HOSA, KY

300 PTS

Nogales High School, CA

300 PTS


Riverside HOSA, TN

300 PTS

Stevents Point (SPASH), WI

300 PTS


White Knoll HOSA, SC

300 PTS

Columbia Area Career Center, MO

298 PTS

Atasocita High School, TX

297 PTS

Pearl City HS HOSA, HI
290 PTS

Timberland High School, MO

282 PTS

Forbush High School, NC

281 PTS


University of Utah, UT

280 PTS

Maine South High School, IL

275 PTS

Youngker High School, AZ

275 PTS


Paint Branch HOSA, MD

271 PTS


College of Southern Idaha, ID

270 PTS


Central High School, MO

268 PTS

Elmore County Technical Center, AL

263 PTS

Green Country Technology Center

260 PTS


NOCROP / Esperanza High School, CA
258 PTS


Bingham High School, UT
250 PTS

Byron P. Steele II HS HOSA, TX

250 PTS


Floyd Middle School, AL

250 PTS

Wofford College, SC
250 PTS



Recognition for chapter members

Canadian Valley Tech-Chickasha PN Duke, OK

747 PTS

Hartselle High School, AL

735 PTS

Tulsa Tech/Union High School, OK
726 PTS

Gulf Shores High School, AL

710 PTS

Union City High School, NJ

710 PTS


705 PTS

Brownwood High School, TX

697 PTS


Warrensburg High School, MO
690 PTS


Jupiter Middle School of Technology, FL
671 PTS

Coachella Valley High School, CA

650 PTS

Stewart County High School, TN

650 PTS

Liberty HOSA, MO

649 PTS


Silva Health Magnet High School, TX

625 PTS

Hillcrest HOSA, NY

620 PTS


Mary Carroll High School, TX

615 PTS

CVHS - College & Career Advantage, CA
610 PTS


Iroquois HOSA, SD

610 PTS

Seven Hills School, OH

600 PTS

Richard McKenna Charter HS, ID

591 PTS

Palmdale High School, CA

576 PTS


Chino Valley HOSA, AZ

560 PTS

Appleton West, WI

550 PTS

Francis Tuttle Technology Center - Reno, OK

540 PTS

Canadian Valley Tech Center, OK

536 PTS

BridgeValley Community and Technical College, WV
520 PTS


Midlothian High School HOSA, TX

520 PTS

Kentucky HOSA

510 PTS


Agoura High School, CA

505 PTS

Center for Public Health & Medical Studies, SC

500 PTS

Central Technology Center - Sapulpa, OK
500 PTS


Chelsea High School, AL

500 PTS


Highland HOSA, NC

500 PTS

North Carolina HOSA, NC

500 PTS

Oak Grove High School, AL

500 PTS


Rector High School, AR

500 PTS

Robbinsville High School, NC

500 PTS

Selah High School, WA

500 PTS

Whitefish Bay HOSA, WI

500 PTS



Lapel Pins for each chapter member

EVIT Main Campus, AZ

26,410 PTS


Summit Academy High School, UT 

8,163 PTS

Dickson County  High School, TN 

7,500 PTS


Cypress Bay High School, FL

4,767 PTS


Madera South High School, CA    

4,449 PTS

Basha Biotech HOSA, AZ    

3,961 PTS

Adlai E. Stevenson High School, IL
3,818 PTS

Oakmont High School, CA
3,300 PTS


Grand Canyon University, AZ

3,260 PTS

Cumberland Valley, PA

2,805 PTS


Boone Career Center, WV
2,803 PTS


Cannon School Upper School, NC

2,762 PTS

Marquette High School, MO

2,675 PTS


Ronald Reagan High School, TX

2,670 PTS


Wentzville Holt, MO

2,174 PTS

Aiken Career Center, SC
2,135 PTS

The Woodlands College Park HS 6995, TX

2,085 PTS

Kickapoo HOSA, MO

2,080 PTS

HOSA Chapter Shawnee 50754, OK 

2,050 PTS

Arizona HOSA, AZ 

1,870 PTS


Meridian Medical Arts Charter HS, ID

1,738 PTS


Whitinsville Christian, MA

1,690 PTS

Harmony Science Academy Carrollton 5141, TX
1,590 PTS


1,590 PTS


Aurora University, IL 

1,580 PTS

St. Agnes Academy, TN
1,555 PTS

Ashley Ridge High School, SC

1,500 PTS


Pacifica High School, CA 

1,479 PTS

Dorchester County Career and Technology Center, SC
1,373 PTS

Paradise Valley HS - CREST, AZ

1,320 PTS


Reynolds HOSA, TX
1,306 PTS

University of Texas at Austin, TX  

1,273 PTS

Troy Buchanan HS HOSA, MO

1,204 PTS

South Texas ISD Medical Professions 7029, TX

1,201 PTS

United High School, TX

1,140 PTS

Mountain Ridge HOSA, AZ

1,130 PTS


1,122 PTS


STC Chapter 18261, PA

1,080 PTS

Concordia Lutheran High School, IN
1,069 PTS


Fraser HOSA, MI

1,058 PTS

Francis Tuttle Technology Center - Danforth Campus, OK

1,040 PTS


Chapin High School, SC

1,030 PTS

Elkhorn HOSA, WI

1,004 PTS


Northview High School, GA

1,000 PTS


Bardstown High School, KY
850 PTS


Hobbton High School, NC

825 PTS

Pioneer Tech AM, OK

770 PTS

Pinkerton HOSA, NH

761 PTS

Riverwood International Charter School, GA

755 PTS

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