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Who will be at the head of the class?



Recognition for the chapter from HOSA


245 PTS

Mukwonago HOSA, WI

238 PTS

Darlington County Institute of Technology, SC

235 PTS

Hueytown HOSA, AL

230 PTS

Central High School HOSA Bridgeport, CT

225 PTS

Pioneer Tech AM Chapter, OK

218 PTS

Pioneer Tech PM Chapter, OK

218 PTS

Pioneer Tech Post Secondary Chapter, OK

218 PTS

Saint Anthony Village, MN
215 PTS


Forbush High School, NC

210 PTS

Jacksonville High School, TX

205 PTS

Afton HOSA, MO

200 PTS

CVTC Practical Nursing Cowan, OK

200 PTS

Mary Carroll High School, TX
200 PTS

Moore Norman Technology Center Daniels, OK

200 PTS

Pathways School of Discovery, OH

200 PTS

Whitinsville Christian HOSA, MA

200 PTS

Fulton County High School, GA

198 PTS

Venture Academy, CA

194 PTS

Western Maricopa Education Center #39397, AZ

190 PTS

Preston High School, WV
180 PTS


Prosper High School, TX
180 PTS


Atkins HOSA, NC

176 PTS

Chelsea High School, AL

173 PTS

Kiamichi Durant, OK

160 PTS


Natchitoches Central High School, LA
160 PTS

Wake Early College, NC

158 PTS

New Castle Career Center HSE Program, IN

153 PTS

Centennial High School, NM

150 PTS

Lakota West - Butler Tech, OH

150 PTS

Leeds High School, AL

150 PTS

University of Utah, UT

140 PTS

Nampa School District, ID

130 PTS


South Texas ISD Medical Professionals #61594, TX
130 PTS

Western Maricopa Education Center #39375, AZ

130 PTS


Central Kitsap High School, WA

125 PTS

Delta High School, CO

125 PTS


Dripping Springs High School, TX
125 PTS


North Thurston High School, WA

125 PTS

Northbridge High School, MA

125 PTS

Upper Chapter, FL

125 PTS

Canadian Valley Tech-Chickasha PN Duke, OK

124 PTS

White Station High School, TN

122 PTS

Agoura KASMA, CA

120 PTS

Bonneville High School, UT

120 PTS


Dozier Libbey Medical High School, CA

120 PTS

Oakville Senior High School, MO

116 PTS

Kettering Fairmont, OH

115 PTS

South Texas ISD Medical Professionals #60232, TX
110 PTS


Southern Union State Community College, AL

106 PTS


Alabama Destinations Career Academy, AL

100 PTS

Cumberland Valley, PA

100 PTS

De La Salle Collegiate High School, MI

100 PTS

Estes Park High School, CO

100 PTS

Fayette County High School, AL

100 PTS

Hannibal Career & Tech Center, MO

100 PTS


Kirkland Ranch Academy of Innovation, FL

100 PTS

Las Cruces High School, NM

100 PTS

Manhattan High School HOSA, KS
100 PTS

Piedmont High School HOSA, AL

100 PTS

Shelby County Area Tech Center, KY

100 PTS

Tulsda Tech Biomed - Lemley, OK

100 PTS

White Knoll, SC

100 PTS

Zebulon GT Magtnet Middle School, NC

100 PTS



Merch item for each chapter member

Berks West - Early Birds, PA

495 PTS

Cabell Midland, WV

490 PTS

Chino Valley High School, AZ

490 PTS

Union Pines, NC
490 PTS

Berks West - Night Owls, PA

468 PTS

Boone Career Center HOSA, WV
466 PTS

Atherton High School, KY

460 PTS

Canadian Valley Tech Ctr, OK

447 PTS

Selah High School HOSA, WA

410 PTS

Caldwell County ATC, KY

400 PTS

Dyer County High School, TN

400 PTS

Hamilton Sussex HOSA, WI
400 PTS

AU HOSA Future Health Professionals, IL

390 PTS

Davison High School, MI

385 PTS


Troy Buchanan High School, MO

385 PTS

Woodlands Middle School, FL

382 PTS

Gulf Shores High School, AL

373 PTS

Basha High School, AZ

371 PTS

Downington STEM Academy Blue, PA

370 PTS

SWC West_MEC Vet & PT, AZ

360 PTS

United High School, TX

355 PTS

Ladue HOSA, MO

350 PTS

Kimberly High School, WI

341 PTS

Mason County High School, KY

341 PTS

Red Oak High School, TX

330 PTS

Sunlake High School, FL
322 PTS

Hobart High School, IN

320 PTS

Vandegrift High School 1081, TX

320 PTS

Brookwood High School, AL

315 PTS

The University of Texas at Austin, TX

312 PTS


Columbia Area Career Center, MO

310 PTS

Tuloso-Midway High School, TX

305 PTS

Marcos de Niza High School, AZ

300 PTS

Midlothian High School, TX

300 PTS

Murray HOSA, IA

300 PTS

Rutgers University, NJ

300 PTS

STC Chapter 18261, PA
300 PTS

Franklin HIgh School, MA

297 PTS

Lamar County School of Technology, MS

295 PTS

Timberland High School, SC

290 PTS

Westosha Central, WI

281 PTS

Candian Valley Tech Center - Pfister, OK

279 PTS

Dorchester County Career and Technology Center, SC

272 PTS

Humble High School, TX

265 PTS


260 PTS

Mingo Central, WV

250 PTS



Recognition for the chapter from HOSA

The Woodlands College Park High School, TX

735 PTS

South Elgin High School, IL
733 PTS

Blaine High School, MN

696 PTS

James Madison High School, TX

687 PTS

Greenville Wade Hampton High School, SC

685 PTS

Seaforth High School HOSA, NC

680 PTS

South Fayette High School, PA

666 PTS

Liberty HOSA, MO

634 PTS

NOCROP/Esperanza High School, CA

627 PTS

Marvin Ridge High School, NC

605 PTS

Hoosier Hills Career Center, IN

600 PTS


RC3 at Hoover City, AL
600 PTS

Lancaster County School District Career Center HOSA, SC

571 PTS

Durant High School HOSA, OK
570 PTS

Dublin HOSA, CA

559 PTS

HOSA Chapter Shawnee 50754, OK

550 PTS

Lafayette High School HOSA, MO

547 PTS

Dinuba High School, CA

530 PTS

Jasper High School, AL

528 PTS

Canadian Valley Tech Center - Jackson, OK

525 PTS

Buckhorn High School, AL

510 PTS

AHCC Gordon Cooper, OK

500 PTS

Ashley Ridge High School, SC

500 PTS

Elkhorn Area High School, WI

500 PTS

Gordon Cooper HCC B, OK

500 PTS



Lapel Pins for each chapter member


39,462 PTS


Corner Canyon High School, UT

7,655 PTS

Madera South High School, CA

7,651 PTS

Summit Academy High School, UT

5,677 PTS

Walnut HOSA

5,545 PTS


Meridian Medical Arts Charter High School, ID

4,854 PTS

Cobb Innovation and Technology Academy, GA

4,041 PTS

Heyward Career Center, SC

3,306 PTS

Paradise Valley High School - CREST, AZ

3,105 PTS

Arizona HOSA, AZ

3,043 PTS


Adlai E. Stevenson HS, IL

3,025 PTS


Francis Tuttle Technology Center - Danforth, OK

3,000 PTS

Green County Technology Center Longan, OK

2,874 PTS

Kingwood HOSA, TX

2,710 PTS

Mountain House High School, CA

2,706 PTS

2,620 PTS

Whale Branch HOSA, SC

2,420 PTS

Texas A&M University - College Station, TX

2,230 PTS

Santa Fe High School, TX

2,156 PTS

Princeton University, NJ

2,141 PTS

Marquette High School HOSA, MO

2,000 PTS

Komanchin Middle School, WA

1,950 PTS

Robbinsville High School, NC

1,880 PTS

Matilda Torres High School, CA

1,750 PTS

Obra D Tompkins High School, TX

1,612 PTS

Blackfoot High School, ID

1,576 PTS

Livonia Career Technical Center, MI

1,486 PTS

Foothill Technology High School, CA

1,450 PTS

FD Johnson Technology Center, SC

1,401 PTS


1,390 PTS

Wright City HOSA, MO

1,250 PTS

Milbank High School, SD

1,240 PTS

The Academy at Smith, NC

1,230 PTS

Central Tech Sapulpa, OK

1,200 PTS

Colorado Early Colleges Parker, CO

1,200 PTS

Francis Tuttle HOSA - Reno, NV

1,200 PTS

Texas HOSA, TX

1,192 PTS

Box Elder High School, UT

1,190 PTS

Mid-America Technology Center, OK

1,157 PTS

Owyhee High School HOSA, ID
1,137 PTS

NOCROP at Oxford Academy, CA

1,110 PTS

Union City High School, NJ

1,109 PTS

South Talladega County, AL

1,070 PTS

Northeast Metro Career & Tech Center, MN

1,056 PTS


Douglas High School - Biomedical, AZ

1,027 PTS

Kentucky HOSA, KY

1,025 PTS

Highland HOSA, NC

1,000 PTS

Iroquois HOSA, SD

1,000 PTS


1,000 PTS

University of Nevada, Reno, NV

980 PTS

Academy of Medical Arts at Carson, CA

929 PTS

Kickapoo High School, MO

900 PTS

Stevens Point (SPASH) HOSA, WI
850 PTS

University of Texas at Arlington, TX

850 PTS

Jefferson Area Technical School, MO

845 PTS

Coral Springs Charter School, FL

834 PTS

Enloe High School, NC

830 PTS

Nogales High School, CA

780 PTS

Germantown HOSA, WI

779 PTS

Manatee High School, FL
770 PTS

Tulsa Tech - OEP Bowden, OK

770 PTS

Frontier Stem HOSA, MO

763 PTS

Congratulations to the top chapters for the 2022-2023 membership year!



East Valley Institute of Technology, AZ


Dickson County High School, TN


Cypress Bay High School, FL

Member Enrollment


Summit Academy High School, UT


Grand Canyon University, AZ


Rice University, TX

Overall Points


East Valley Institute of Technology, AZ


Summit Academy High School, UT


Dickson County High School, TN

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