Earn Points for Your Chapter: Your teacher offers the new Be The Match curriculum as an assignment or extra credit, your chapter earns 20 points! 

We have developed an interactive curriculum to teach students about blood stem cell transplants and our life-saving mission. It can be offered as an assignment or extra credit in any classroom, by any teacher! At the end of the curriculum, each student can download a certificate of completion, send it to their teacher, and earn credit in that class!  

For every teacher willing to offer this curriculum, your chapter will earn 20 points. (Please note, your chapter earns 20 points per teacher, not per class.) 

Ready to educate your peers and earn points for your chapter? Follow these easy steps. 

  1. Complete the curriculum, here, and download your certificate at the end (it’s important to know the content before asking anything of your teachers). 

  2. Brainstorm a list of teachers you think would offer this to at least one of their classes. 

  3. Assign chapter members to connect with those teachers. 

    1. Explain how these lessons will benefit their students, our patients, and your HOSA chapter. 

    2. Show them how students can download a certificate of completion to verify participation for credit in their class. 

    3. Provide them with your Join Keyword so that if anyone wants to join the Registry, your chapter will earn credit. 

  4. If the teacher agrees, have them fill out this form which certifies that they will offer it to at least one of their classes. 

  5. Done! You chapter will earn 20 additional points per teacher.