Start by learning all about Be The Match, so you’re 100% prepared for future missions!

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YouTube playlist

Watch your YouTube playlist of inspiring stories about patients and donors and fun ways to raise money and awareness



Launch your fundraising page! It only takes a couple minutes.
(Under 18? Make sure your parent or guardian is nearby to provide consent.)


Go to BeTheMatch.org/HOSAFundraising and enter your info.


Enter your chapter’s charter #. If you don’t know it, check the list.


Customize your personal page, then connect it to your social media.


Spread the word! Invite your team, friends and family to visit your page and make a contribution.

Once you've registered, you'll have access to more tips and tools.


Make it easy to contribute to your page by asking for a specific amount. Ask five friends to give $20, and just like that you've raised your first $100!

WHY $100?
Every $100 allows Be The Match to add one more potential donor to the Be The Match Registry®. The money YOU raise grows the registry, provides grants to patient families, and funds research to make transplant safer and more available to all patients.



Begin adding potential stem cell donors to the Be The Match Registry®!


If you have not launched your team page, do so now! (Under 18? Make sure your parent or guardian is nearby to provide consent.)


  1. Go to BeTheMatch.org/HOSAFundraising

  2. Choose "Start a page" and enter your initial information.

  3. Customize your team page, then connect it to your social media.


After setting up your team page, your advisor will receive an email from your Be The Match Representative. Your Be The Match Representative will work with you to setup an unique recruitment code and a link to edit virtual recruitment materials. Your unique code will be the way we track how many people your chapter adds to the registry. 

Your Be The Match contact can also work with your chapter to learn more about how to add people to the registry, ensure you have the resources you need, and brainstorm fun ways to add more potential donors!


Once you’ve started a conversation with your Be The Match Representative and you’ve received your unique recruitment code, you’re ready to start adding people to the Registry! ​

  1. Use all the knowledge you’ve learned from Mission One to explain our mission to your friends and family 

  2. Check out virtual marketing materials and create a free Canva account to customize our templates with your recruitment code

  3. Share on social media and direct people to Join.BeTheMatch.org/YOURCODE


Always provide your chapter's recruitment code so we can track how many people you have added to the Registry!



Play for cures! Keep recruiting and FUNdraising when you join FUNd Fest.


Plan your (COVID-appropriate) game
Host a video game live streaming event, online board game night or Zoom charades—get creative! Check out the activities list for more ideas, then check out our CURE and GIVE cards (think bingo) and download a custom Zoom background or two – all found on the Resources page after you log in.​


Add your game details to your team page
Launch or update your team page at BeTheMatch.org/HOSAFundraising, set your FUNdraising and recruitment goals, and suggest activities and financial donations to participate. (Make sure to add your chapter's join code!)​


Have fun and make an impact!
Log in to your team page and check out the FUNd Fest resources for everything you need to promote your life-saving fun. Then email, text and call to invite your friends and family to play. Don’t forget to include the link to your page so even if they can’t make it to your game, they could donate or join the registry.



Congratulations to Sneha from Klein High School in Texas for designing the winning t-shirt and earning 150 points for their chapter.  


Every chapter that has earned at least 250 points will receive 20 t-shirts for their chapter members. 




Earn Points for Your Chapter: Your teacher offers the new Be The Match curriculum as an assignment or extra credit, your chapter earns 20 points! 

We have developed an interactive curriculum to teach students about blood stem cell transplants and our life-saving mission. It can be offered as an assignment or extra credit in any classroom, by any teacher! At the end of the curriculum, each student can download a certificate of completion, send it to their teacher, and earn credit in that class!  

For every teacher willing to offer this curriculum, your chapter will earn 20 points. (Please note, your chapter earns 20 points per teacher, not per class.) 

Ready to educate your peers and earn points for your chapter? Follow these easy steps. 

  1. Complete the curriculum, here, and download your certificate at the end (it’s important to know the content before asking anything of your teachers). 

  2. Brainstorm a list of teachers you think would offer this to at least one of their classes. 

  3. Assign chapter members to connect with those teachers. 

    1. Explain how these lessons will benefit their students, our patients, and your HOSA chapter. 

    2. Show them how students can download a certificate of completion to verify participation for credit in their class. 

    3. Provide them with your Join Keyword so that if anyone wants to join the Registry, your chapter will earn credit. 

  4. If the teacher agrees, have them fill out this form which certifies that they will offer it to at least one of their classes. 

  5. Done! You chapter will earn 20 additional points per teacher.