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Introducing NMDP, formerly known as the National Marrow Donor Program and Be The Match. Our name has changed but our mission has not: We save lives through cell therapy. Read the press release.

HOSA saves lives with NMDP


NMDP is proud to be HOSA's Premier Service Project Partner. Your dedication to our shared mission helps push the boundaries of what's possible. Thank you!


Over $650,000 raised to support patients and their families

Over 6,000 potential blood stem cell donors added to the NMDP Registry

Over 3,000 people added to the pre-registry (under 18)

At least 20 donors recruited by HOSA have gone on to donate


At NMDP, we believe each of us holds the key to curing blood cancers and disorders. As a global nonprofit leader in cell therapy, NMDP creates essential connections between researchers and supporters to inspire action and accelerate innovation to find life-saving cures. With the help of blood stem cell donors from the world’s most diverse registry and our extensive network of transplant partners, physicians and caregivers, we’re expanding access to treatment so that every patient can receive their life-saving cell therapy. NMDP. Find cures. Save lives.

About Be The Match
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